Information des Veranstalters über die Durchführung des New York Marathons 2021 von Mitte Januar 2021


Good day, ITOs.


I hope you are all well, staying healthy, and that you have each enjoyed a wonderful holiday break with your loved ones.  


Having approved vaccines begin to be distributed in different countries has certainly lent a air of positivity, but we are still a ways away from the days when we carelessly piled into tubes or subways, bars, club dance floors, movie theaters, and more importantly bridges in freezing temperatures to run 42KM. But what are marathon runners if not resilient? We remain positive and looking forward to those days returning sooner rather than later.


As many of you may know or may have read, New York Road Runners (NYRR) is undergoing many changes in leadership and staffing. An official press release was not published by NYRR, however, there was an article published in Runner’s World that touched on these changes, you can read the article HERE.


NYRR has not been exempt from the havoc wreaked by the pandemic and as such a majority of the staff placed on furlough in July, 2020, was laid off. In this mass layoff, the ITO Team lost Bradley Eckerson. Bradley, whom many of you worked with and developed close friendships with was a central part of this team, and a constant beacon of optimism and joy. He will be dearly missed. My team of two returns to a team of one. That said, please feel confident that I will continue to manage your partnership and business with the utmost care. 


I know the current urgency lies with when program acceptance notices and entry allocation confirmations will be communicated. I understand that many of you are having to balance contractual obligations with airlines and the uncertainty of what number of entries will / will not be approved. I wish I had more to share on this specific topic but I don’t. At this time, we are working to get acceptance notices out as soon as possible with entry allocations potentially not being confirmed until spring, a specific date is not set. Because there is still much uncertainty, we recommend that no ITO promote or confirm entries to runners without first having a formal acceptance and entry allocation confirmation from NYRR.


As I have more information I will share it with the group. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out with any immediate questions or concerns.  



Thank you, 



Sichern Sie sich jetzt schon Ihren Platz für den New York City Marathon 2021

Da die Anzahl Startplätze für den New York Marathon sehr limitiert ist, empfehlen wir Ihnen eine Vorreservation für den New York City Marathon 2021. Für unser Paket Hotel und Startnummer garantieren wir Ihnen den gleichen Preis wie 2020.


Basis Standard Doppelbelegung Kingbett Zimmer (ohne Verpflegung) im Courtyard Marriott Central Park (3 Nächte)

vom 05.11.21 -  08.11.21 (Freitag - Montag) für Fr. 2'150.- p.P.

Vorreservation für NYC Marathon 2021 im Doppelzimmer

  • Unterkunft vom Freitag, 05.11.21 bis Montag, 08.11.21 im Courtyard Marriott Central Park
  • Bustransfer ab Manhattan mit den offiziellen Bussen des NYRR zum Startgelände am Sonntagmorgen
  • garantierte Startnummer am New York Marathon 2021
  • T-Shirt des New York Marathons
  • Rangliste
  • Kundengeldabsicherung durch den Schweizerischen Garantiefond

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